Oktoberfest pe Franceza3

About us

Oktoberfest at No 3 Franceza is really a beerhouse for your heart and soul. Here, in the new place opened in 2013, you have a whole house available to spend quality time with your friends.

A historical building, fully reinforced in 2007, with special architecture, three storey: semi-basement, ground floor and first floor, of similar and large spaces. Anywhere in there you will find surroundings to make you forget time.


Located at a crossroad, Oktoberfest at 3, Franceza, has one of the largest seasonal terraces in the Old City. On hot summer days we spread open large parasols and switch on the modern outside cooling system, so that canicular weather is off.

We are available for you for 21 hours daily, 7 days a week, year-around, so that night parties can go on till 7 in the morning; we take a breath for three hours and at 10 we start again with a cup of Turkish coffee (i.e. brewed in a pot called ibrik or cezve) or with a invigorating lemonade.

Diversity in our offer

To make everybody content, we endeavoured to have an adequate supply of beer brands that would satisfy our guests’ various tastes and preferences; so, beside locally brewed beer, we have beer from the Czech Republic, UK, Germany or Austria, pale (blonde) or dark, red or artisan ales.

To welcome good humour, Oktoberfest at 3, Franceza, offers original alternatives to drinking your favourite beer: 1 litre (35 fl oz) mug, beer by the metre, by the minidispenser of 2.4 litre (84 fl oz) and, of course, by the bucket – that you can drink with a ladle.


To sustain the endless succession of mugs in their periplus between draught dispensers and customers’ tables, Oktoberfest at 3, Franceza offers a specific list for a serious beerhouse: the famous mici (traditional sausages of grilled minced meat with spices) – an original recipe, the beer sausages, smoked sausages or spiced Sibiu sausages are a great asset for a night to remember. All these, not to become lonely on the plates, can be seconded by golden French fries or plump wedges.

Sport Events

The 16 Samsung LED TV panels of 116 cm (45 inches) are the spice that makes Oktoberfest at 3, Franceza be different; you can ask anytime to watch your favourite sport game, be it a football match at 23 hours or an overseas MMA wrestle at 4 in the morning, the only prerequisite is that it is broadcast in Romania by one of the channels of DOLCE TV or DIGI TV operators.